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One-Line Bio

mom, priestess, healer & Orgasmic Living! Diva ☥


Who dis iz...

Call me Nut - if you please remember to say it with a long 'u'; otherwise Butterfly works just fine ;~)

I'm an Orgasmic Alkhamist.

That's the name I've received for the primary activity and purpose of my life's calling. I live a path of spiritual initiation and lifelong service to Divine, as a Nubian-Khamite priestess. As such my primary vocation iz to demystify the healing process - mind, body & spirit - through the learning and application of Orgasmic Awareness in rituals, both public and private.

Liberation has always been my guiding principle and impetus -- It's what moves me! And I see true liberation not as the hard-won fruit of struggle, but as a choice and a commitment that immediately replaces the experience of lack and struggle with the fulfillment of purpose, joy and Living Orgasmically in/as Love, when we see our Dreams & Desires as clearly attainable truths.

The most fun I have with my clothes on(or off for that matter) iz...

Dancing!!!!! Preferably to live bata drums, but any type of hot polyrhythms will do - dancehall, ball room, barn, ritual floor, or (most likely these days)kitchen floor! Vertical, horizontal, swinging from the ceilings...I LOVE to dance!

My Mission

I iz here to shine.

To be a Light so bright, so undeniable that it compels your Light to join mine in the search for others to grow.

I iz here to Be Love,
not as an emotion, but as Power.....

The Power to listen deeply and openly with EVERYONE for their Highest Good as Divine Beings even when I don't feel like it

The Power to say Yes! the first instant it's clearly felt and to risk hearing it without regret more times today than I did yesterday

The Power to dance when I feel like disappearing cuz my mission needs me

The Power to Be for/as Love as the ONLY power.

As Love I iz the cure for violence.....

violence against children
violence in families
violence in communities and between states
violence in ourselves
as fear

I am not here to singularly design humanity's great healing systems.
My purpose iz to inspire, support, assist and lead in partnership with those of we who will.

I am an artist
I paint with Dreams
mined from heart and soul.
Clear intention iz my brush,
Passion in Action iz
my stroke.

To make a brilliant mirror forever unbreakable iz my aim.

Ren ~a Nut Tmu-Ankh:
My name iz Great Star Mother Birthing the Seed of Eternal Life

who comes to life as
Butterfly Dreaming ☥


sh'ti mer, orgasmic living! & healing, beautiful strong kings, living & learning school-free, poetry, independent film & filmmakers, dance, music, magik ☥