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Diva Carla

Okie is on the way back to the US from Ireland on this coming Father's Day. Welcome home Okie. enjoy your visit with your original dozen kids!



Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

I had a great Father's Day with my 4 children who I so appreciate and learn from. We had great fun! Dogs, kids, hikes, canoeing, and Chess too! Yesterday was bright and sunny and it continues.... Today is the last (half) day of school here in Maine and we are a day away from official summer. Time to Celebrate!

Diva Carla

Great to see Okie in the Spotlight. A wonderful Irish uplifter, inspirer of 24 on both sides of the pond. May he continue to live long and prosper in the loving embrace of both dozens!



it sounds like your dad is one of the greats and I bet you are too.

From the heart

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