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What Magnificence Can Do

Over 121,000 lives literally wiped off the face of the Earth in a terrible wall of water risen beyond it's boundaries.

The terrible tragedy wrought by the Indian Ocean quake and resulting tsunami, has us all shaking our heads and asking and wondering "What can I do?"

You can and should pray, for all those lost and the ones left behind.

You can and should go to websites like this one at Care2.com, to donate as much money as you can afford, as often as you can afford to do so, to one or more of the reputable organizations bringing aid to the effected lands.

You can and should take in the personal stories of people near and far who have been personally affected by this tragedy and offer whatever comfort you can.

Most of all you can refuse to see only horror and despair...

You can use the great and awesome Gift of your Genius, your Love, your Hopeful Compassion for all Life to envision Good arising out of this time of emense sorrow.

And you can declare your Visions for a positive, newly unified future to the YOUniverse by sharing them Here!

Yes, give your money. Yes, join or support volunteers going to the effected lands. And yes, yes, Yes, pray, cry and let your soul sing big dreams of the Beauty we can all grow out of these fields of pain by playing games of What If.

What if the eternal Lights of all those, young and old, who's lives on Earth were ended by this tragedy, are still, right now and forever with us; guiding their loved ones and all humanity to a new understanding of ourselves...

What if because of the relentless enormity of our collective compassionate actions, one day people look back on the times we're living now as the beginning of the end of all war...

What if the experience of seeing and feeling the pain of grieving parents and children in what had before Sun, December 26th, been one of our major centers for child labor and sex trafficking...If grieving for them as if they were our own, finally convinces us all to do whatever it takes to put an end to the practice of allowing children anywhere to be treated different from those we call our own...

What if...


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Dear Ones:

I am not a regular contributer here and I apologize for receiving daily from the wonderful messsages and getting caught up in my own busyness.

Within a business group of mine we were directed to a site called http://mercycorp.org

They do wonderful work, and not only in times of disaster.

I had not made the connection between the Tsunami and the traffiking. I appreciate that being brought to my attention.

About 10 years ago, some psychics I know predicted through chanelling that there would be a major shift in Tuetonic plates and where the firering is located. I am thinking that the Tsunami may have been what was being predicted.

Funny, how it is so easy to file that away, and then how quickly it comes to mind when something shows up.

Have a blessed day and renew the earth by following your own path and being your most magnificent self.


Thank you Nut for your valued attention to the great disaster on the world to sound others on the subject, as well to encourage all to help the suffered ones.

I'm giving small financial donations to Mother Ammachi's Ashram in Sri Lanka as I trust her work. I would also like to set up a non-profit for the women of many indigenous areas to sell their crafts and give them the opportunity to share their teachings directly to people in more technologically developed countries for FAIR fees to give them an opportunity to rebuild on their own terms without government and religious interference(sp). Peace, Liaya

Wow, Thank you for being so wise, deep and loving.

I am blessed to read these words, and have my heart touched.

And Shelagh, your words touched me... and I respond:

What if WE, each one of us, transformed our lives, stopped resisting and in soaring we doubled our income and sent half to others.

I am so touched by the thought: £50 builds a house and gives a family of 4 food.


Thanks Nut :-)

Iread the upper comments of all those other wonderfull people that like me dont give up their hope.....and I can only add that I do feel the same .........especially in this time we should stay with our vision on that we create what we believe in .....many of our fears are based on happenings from the past........and it does not have to happen all over again in order for us to wake up ....this "time"we can do it different...so lets come and stay together ....seeing what is needed NOW...one heart.. one people..one earth...one LOVE...there are so many opportunities ..so lets do it .without hesitation....as starchildren...children of God...children of Love..in prayer..in sincerity....many blessings...and ALL MY LOVE TO ALL BEINGS!!!namaste...Marijke

"What is life?
It is the flash of a firefly in the night. It is the breath of a buffalo in the winter time. It is the shadow which runs across the grass and loses itself in the Sunset".
These words from Crowfoot in 1890, remind me that we have nothing to fear and everything to be thankful for.

What if you looked at the many faces young, old, man, woman and child and saw the face of the Creator. Before you imagined that God/Goddess had no face, no sex, no physical location, yet you saw Mother/Father God everywhere you looked as you were watching the news. You saw the Creator crying, praying giving a helping hand to "strangers" of various sects and religions. You saw God hugging Goddess, God showing compassion to Goddess, Goddess wiping away the tears of God, Goddess and God collecting money for the many faces of the Creator. What if you realized that you are that very same source and that every person, place or thing is too. Would it be easier to be kind, patient, loving and joyful if you really knew and felt in your heart of hearts that my heart beating is yours and your heart beating is mines. Death is but an illusion we all know this and the bigger illusion is that we are separate and disconnected from each other. I pray for the collective healing of the planet and for all the Gods and Goddesses who walk its soil. May we all love, cherish, uplift, inspire and show compassion for one another.

Peace, love & Joy

Every single day throughout the day....each day of the year...every precious moment of our lives.....there are messages sent from the Universal Divine Spirit that each morning we open our eyes to a brand new day,we are given the opportunity to count our blessings, our gifts,be grateful for what we have..when we don't have to look too far to see how different it could be. Each new day is a day that we will not see or experience again. We are constantly given chances and opportunities to make our lives one of quality...of richness..of love,respect and compassion. Each day gives us a chance to learn from our mistakes....do something differently...make a better choice or decision....be of service to others.
Sometimes the messages are small ones...but then when we are not listening..getting to wrapped up in the 'insignificant' pieces of 'life'...the messages are huge...to get our attention.
Sometimes it is the loss of a family member or dear friend that we did not take the opportunity or time to tell them how much we loved them or cared about them or the impact they made on our lives. When the huge messages come......we find it hard to comprehend how 'this' could have happened....or '.why'???? It is difficult to see or understand the lesson when something so overwhelming has happened...but we need to look as soon as possible if not immediately at the message and the lesson. Maybe, we as humans, can then be aware of each moment, each day and learn,grow and say I AM GRATEFUL AND THANKFUL and who or how can I help today.

Life is precious, it is never short, it is as long as it needs to be for each of us. We just need to keep remembering when each morning we awaken we are receiving another opportunity to do what is best for our highest good and for those around us. To also be thankful to those who serve as reminders that life is very precious and none of us know when it may be taken from this level and passed on to the next. So respect, love and cherish each moment we are given.

I am magnificently opened to the thought and feeling adn *Knowing* that this has opened borders.. hearts.. wallets and more.
We are *Earthlings* people. all of us, Events like this where so so many gave their light to show us the way are shining examples of this. does pain have a nationality?
does *HOPE*? does Love?
nae, they are all cosmic *Truth*
same as it takes a fall to install a guard rail, or a sinking to take up life preservers I *Feel very Strongly* that this is an event to lead us PAST such things as borders and little "trivialities" as a *Race* and Globe.
I feel such Love and Pasisonate Caring *EveryWhere* from all manners of peoples and places, People opening their hearts is what it is all about, and if it takes something *THIS* big to do it, then is it not even still a MAgnificent reminder tha twe are here on a **Journey** its not th edestination that matters, its how we "carry ourselves" on this path of life on earth.

I am thankful for the capacity to feel, to Love, to cry in release, to feel touched in the spirit as these Loving Souls all shed their bodies and went free, I feel tha twe will as a race move forward with *Better* ways to help, *Better* ways to track and know . I am sure there will be new "earth studies" done adn new light will come to many things form this.
I am Thankful that I was able to Experience the crashing feelings, as they stimulated life in me also, reminded me that I have needs to fill in this world yet too.. I think it opened many people up to just how little it matters to hoarde or save when there is such need.
I Send Thanks and Appreciation to every heart and soul and person that is giving to this cause. some in time, some in money some in other ways, also for the education tha tis coming from it as well. (I never knew how a tsunami worked before.)
I am Thankful to be allowed and free to speak my heart and mind freely and to send Love to all who passed and to all who are in need of help, and to all that help them..

Live Free, Be Live

Just as the ocean waters would not remain in their borders, I hope this event moves more people out of their borders (whatever they may be), blurrs the lines that divide, and brings us together as a people -- without country, without religion, without race, without any definition that causes us to separate, discrimate, and judge negatively.

I hold a vision that the Love, Unity and Compassion flooding the planet in response to the Asian Earthquake/Tsunami is growing to the point where all humans awaken to hear the song of those marvelous beings who were willing to move beyond the veil in order to Wake Us Up!!

I see us waking up to the realization that we have a relationship to our Planet Earth that is enhanced by choices that serve all...including Mother Earth.

It's my vision that with this wake up call we gain the understanding of the impact of our energies and we choose to lift the vibration even higher as we decide to continue coming together and performing great acts of humanity. No longer 'seeing' the imaginary boundaries but instead finding common ground with one another and coming together.

I hold the vision that the people living on Planet Earth are now awake and unwilling to tolerate manipulation through fear and instead are exercising their power as we all realize we are all the same in essence.

We marvel at our former dependency on a handful of individuals as we experience an immutable change that has taken place in the consciousness of the people and we remember this pivotal moment in time, that brought us a wonderful opportunity to exercise our highest interpretation of ourselves, with love and gratitude.

People are finding new places to gather
and live away from the most obvious vulnerabilites to nature- out of common sense and simple respect for the Planet.
As we move from the coastlines, and fault lines and the base of volcanoes, we discover so many gifts nearby that previously went unnoticed...

and out of what could be called a 'tragedy'...we have a 'beginning'!!!!

with love,

--Mary K

¸..· ´¨¨)) -:¦:-
¸.·´ .·´¨¨))
((¸¸.·´ ..·´ -:¦:-
-:¦:- ((¸¸.·´* Light

I am maginficant for my heart bleeds for others and reaches out with my prayers and digs into my pocket too send resources to help those on
Aisa , The Tansina wave out is horendous but the human spitit in Canada is alive and well, and as brothers and sisters we all are pitching in to do what we can to make this a better world with faith and hope that cival war will end that child abuse will end and that as we work togehter to rebuild it will be a new way of life as well . With gratitude in our hearts for haveing resorces all over the world that for all the tragedy that has just consumed the lives of so many that the rest of the universe has come together in campassion and love for the hurting and displaced persons and that unity is a blessing and we have no idea of the power of our ability to show our love and careing and to share our blessings with those who so desperatley need it at this time.This is in essence a NEW YEAR and a NEW BEGINNING of Miracles to surpass all . For each indiviual to reach out an be all that he or she can be. To give all that he or she can give and to show love in all areas of our being and be truly grateful to have the opportunity to be all that we can In harmoney with the energy of our world. Thank You for this post and a time to share all that my heart contains and let the pain go because of caring.

What if every person who experienced that event, and is still with us, is inspired to let go of everything which has held them back, and live extraordinary lives achieving extraordinary things?
What if even one person does that?
What if what is created to replace what was is the "ideal" of those who live there?
What if this truly is the beginning of a world created by pure intention to achieve the very best we are capable of?

When something awesomely tragic happens like the massive loss of life and livelihood in the Indian Ocean, it gets our attention. Our better selves rise up to help, to give, to pray. We feel compassion and perhaps unity or brotherhood, or oneness with the suffering ones.

My vision is that in this time of heightened awareness of our union with our family in the Indian Ocean regions, we will also look around to our neighbors, our communities, our children, and recognize that all around us, every day, tragedy, longing, need, and MAGNIFICENCE are walking hand in hand.

Are we willing to be Peace at home? Are we ready to be Peace inside? Knowing our own magnificence, are we ready to see it and reflect it in our neighbors crying out to be seen, heard, touched, loved.

Must 121,000 die all at once for us sleepers to awaken? Don't go back to sleep!
Now is the time to let your light shine. Give to those in dire need far away, AND hold your neighbor's hand. Give your neighbors a hug. And know that the hug is felt round the world.

As Lewis Mehl-Madrone said to me... Think globally, pray locally. Inside your own home there is plenty to do, and in the healing of your own place, you can offer solace to others on the other side of the earth. Or Galaxy.

What if. . .we spent so much time, effort, resources and attention on helping these many people in their hour of need that they found a new strength.
A strength they had never known or even envisioned before. How does that song go?. . ."Don't it always seem to go that you don't know what you've got 'till it's gone".
What we have been given is a new day. . .a new way. . .a new opportunity to start things over. . .only this time. . .to do things differently.
Side by side, hand in hand, we can all work together to make a difference by reaching out and doing what ever we can. . .both near and far. . .to let people everywhere know that the human spirit is alive and well and that we can do anything. . .anything. . .together!
I give thanks to Mother-Father GOD for all the blessings that we have and for all the blessings we are receiving.

Peace and Love,
Christopher Niem Henley
And thank you, Nut, for your thoughtfulness in providing this forum.

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